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Changshu Shenghai Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.

Changshu Shenghai Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic Jiangnan city - Changshu, Jiangsu
Changshu Shenghai Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. is a

China air cooling flake ice machine, lab use portable ice maker manufacturers and under counter ice machine suppliers

, the company's products have high scientific and technological content, good quality, strong market competitiveness, products have been international quality CE certification and domestic product quality testing certification. The company's main products IMS series of automatic snowflake ice machine and IM series of bullet ice machine are high-tech products with full computer control, complete product specifications, can meet the needs of different places.

Product Series

We are committed to creating high-quality brand ice machine.

  • Bullet Ice Machine

    Advantage Description

    Fully computerised automatic control, simple and easy to use. Automatic detection and protection for operation, lack of water, ice full, faults. Cylindrical bullet-head ice, ice shape is beautiful and generous. Adjustable ice thickness, wider range of application.

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    Bullet Ice Machine
  • Scale Ice Machine

    Advantage Description

    Evaporation drums made of SUS304 stainless steel for durability and quality. Dry, pure and powder-free ice output, which does not easily produce caking. Adopting scraping type ice dropping system to ensure strong continuity of unit operation and low energy loss. The machine is of reliable quality and stable performance. It can run continuously for 10,000 hours with high efficiency and trouble-free...

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    Scale Ice Machine
  • Crescent Ice Machine

    Advantage Description

    Stainless steel, fully automatic ice dispensing, with fault detection function, automatic shutdown for lack of water and full ice. Self-cleaning function, crystal clear ice, non-stick, easy to take. Food-grade evaporator, imported accessories, to ensure stable operation of the machine.

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    Crescent Ice Machine
  • Snowflake Ice Machine

    Advantage Description

    with operation, ice full, water shortage, fault indication. Small ice type, good refrigeration effect, can meet the needs of different customers. All stainless steel casing, beautiful and durable. Full computer control, full monitoring, perfect protection.

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    Snowflake Ice Machine
  • Cube Ice Machine

    Advantage Description

    Split structure, large freezer with large ice storage capacity and high applicability. Fully computerised automatic control, simple and easy to use. Automatic detection and protection for operation, water shortage, ice full and fault. High efficiency fluorine-free compressor, energy saving and environmental protection. Square shaped ice, ice shape is beautiful and generous.

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    Cube Ice Machine
  • Snow Ice Machine

    Advantage Description

    The ice type is a fluffy snow ice, which can be flavoured with milk, juice, etc.snow ice. Micro-computer control, one-touch cleaning, safe and reliable performance. Convenient ice connection, quick dispensing, ready to use. LCD touch screen panel, beautiful and high-end. Easy to use, quick dispensing, ready to use. Strict process requirements, low failure rate and long service life of the machine....

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    Snow Ice Machine
  • Milk Cooler

    Advantage Description

    Product details +
    Milk Cooler
  • Ice & Water Machine

    Advantage Description

    Ice cubes are ore ice (pearl ice) of icing sugar size for high hardness and good cooling effect. There are three modes of ice, ice water, water can be selected, also can quantitative take ice, more convenient operation. Microcomputer control, water inlet, drainage, ice making fully automatic, no need for manned operation, safe to use, reliable performance. Luxurious and generous stainless steel sh...

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    Ice & Water Machine

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