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Bullet Ice Machine

This bullet ice machine has a luxurious appearance and is made of high-quality stainless steel and refuses to rust. It adopts forward wind and rear air design, and has good ventilation effect. It can be placed directly in the bar. The ice making process is controlled by a full computer program. High-current relay, imported computer chip, avoids electronic interference of components at high temperature and reliable control. High-cost, full-chip components run smoothly. The ice is transparent, the texture is good, and it is not easy to dissolve.
The bullet ice machine overcomes the shortcoming of the short life of the transverse water stirring structure motor, and adopts the domestic vertical water stirring mode, and the ice is highly transparent. The all-copper evaporator makes ice making faster and more efficient. It is easy to operate, one-button control, and can be used normally without the need of a professional. It also has automatic detection and protection of overload, water shortage and ice full. Import high-efficiency fluorine-free compressors, economical and energy-saving.
The overall design is beautiful and generous, making the whole operation process easy and comfortable, and the humanized design presents the beauty of technology.
We are one of the leading bullet ice machine manufacturers in China, offering you the best quality and durable ice machine. Welcome to purchase quality bullet ice machine for sale from us. Fast delivery and good after-sale service are available.