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Ice Maker 's Ice - Making Cycle And Its Ice Production
May 23, 2017

1, ice maker ice production definition: the user selection, the main consideration to the amount of ice. However, the ice production capacity of ice-making machines varies greatly depending on environmental conditions, and the standard working conditions need to be clarified before the ice production can be compared. The standard working conditions of the ice making machine (ie, the ice making water temperature is 15 ℃ ± 1 ℃; the working environment temperature is 21 ℃ ± 2 ℃; the power requirement is 220V 50Hz / three phase 380V 50Hz; Is clean and fresh water; work unit time is 24 hours) we see in the market of certain kilograms of ice machine, said the standard operating conditions are the daily production of ice.

 2, the ice maker ice production in the summer understanding: into the summer, the water temperature and ambient temperature was significantly increased, the rise in water temperature, equivalent to extend the ice ice age of each ice (because the freezing point of water 0 ℃, to High temperature of the ice water cooling to 0 ℃ than the normal temperature of the same water to 0 ℃ cycle is longer), and the ambient temperature is too high, for the exchange of air and air air-cooled ice machine ice production capacity The magnitude of the decline is an unavoidable fact.

The real time most in need of ice is in the summer, so when we choose the ice machine we have to ask a question: we buy the ice machine, the hottest summer weather, the best time of business, ice Is it enough? We know that the ice maker in the summer ice production and ice making machine marked the amount of ice production is very different, understand these reasons, we look at how to choose the ice machine. If a customer in the summer season when the need for 70 kg of ice per day, he needs to buy much of the ice machine? 70 kg ÷ 0.75 = 93.3 kg x 2.2 = 205 lbs. For example, a customer in the business season when the need for about 150 kilograms of ice a day, then he needs to buy much model of the ice machine? 500 pounds ÷ 2.2 = 227 kg × 0.75 = 170 kg