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How To Solve The Problem Of Can Not Stop Making Ice
Oct 23, 2017

   Ice Full stop work principle is: When ice storage bins of ice gathered to a certain amount of time, slowly piled up to the temperature sensor, temperature sensor temperature below 7 degrees, through A/D module, the data passed to the computer board, after calculation, issued instructions, so that ice-making machine to stop making ice. But the reality is that there are two major reasons for not stopping work. One is: The temperature sensor has a problem, but as a new product, generally after a long period of use and reasonable choice, the general will not appear in this kind of situation; the second is: Snow ice is relatively small, in the storage ice bucket stacked when the slope is generally about 30 degrees. In other words, it is possible that the ice is already full, but there is no contact with the temperature sensor, the temperature sensor does not send ice full signals to the computer (SCM), ice-making machine still continue to make ice, resulting in overflow, melting water. In this case, as long as the temperature sensor position down a little, to feel the position of the ice can be, or the level of the sensor to the vertical placement of the state, appropriate to reduce the position, so as to solve the problem, or contact the supplier.