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Which food is not easy to store in the fridge?
Apr 16, 2018

    Although the refrigerator has been in the family for many years, it does not mean that every housewife knows how to use the fridge properly. Does the food go into the fridge and everything is all right?

    What's the difference between food preservation?

    The following four categories of food should not be placed in the fridge: (1) Root vegetables---thick leather potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, wax gourd, onions, etc. can be stored at room temperature.

    In addition, cucumber, green peppers for a long time in the fridge can also easily become black, soft.

(2) tropical fruits--bananas, mango and other tropical and subtropical fruits for low temperature adaptability, if placed in the refrigerator, but will frostbite fruit, affect the taste.

(3) Cakes---steamed bread, rolls, bread and other starchy foods in the refrigerator, will speed up the dry hardening, if necessary to store, the first to use fresh film or fresh bag after a good put into the freezer room.

(4) pickled meat--bacon, ham and other meat pickled products suitable for place in the cool and ventilated places, which is conducive to ensuring food flavor, if put them into the refrigerator, because the humidity is too large, easy to appear rancid taste, but shorten the storage time. It is worth reminding that frozen food (such as meat, fish, etc.) after thawing, the bacteria will rapidly multiply, the thawed foods are not suitable for return to the refrigerator. So before you put meat into the freezer, it's best to break it down into a proper package and thaw it out once.