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What is the reason for the freezer compressor can not stop?
Feb 06, 2018

    When the freezer is in operation, the compressor always turn for a period of time, and then stop for a period of time, because the temperature in the freezer has reached the set temperature, so it does not need continuous work, so as to save energy to save electricity. Recently, a netizen reflects the supermarket freezer compressor has been working, do not stop. Let's look at the possible causes.

    If the cooling effect is normal without downtime, the fault is in the thermostat. Otherwise, because the system is deficient, the temperature can not be reduced to the control point and lead to no downtime, repair needs to suppress the leak, time to fill the fluorine, the failure to meet the downtime, the power of the operation for a few minutes. Then the reason for the failure is judged according to the following phenomena:

1. Hand Touch compressor exhaust pipe is not hot, the condenser's intake pipe is not hot, the inner bile temperature can not be lowered, indicating that the system of fluorine leakage. The temperature drop in the box is not low, the temperature of the thermostat is not open, can not cut off the compressor power, so that the power of the compressor has been running. This phenomenon is known as fluorine leakage. Another reason is the lack of fluorine, that is, the lack of fluoride in the system. Also the system temperature drop is not low, the compressor does not stop. But the system can refrigeration, but the cooling effect is some, if the refrigeration effect can not be achieved, it indicates that the system lacks fluorine. Need to recharge the fluorine.

2. Hand Touch compressor exhaust pipe. Condenser inlet Pipe will heat, about 50℃-60℃, condenser, the next three parts have a significant temperature difference, in order to determine the refrigeration effect, you can put a bowl of cold water in the freezer (in the freezer basket in the bowl of cold water, but not on the bottom of the freezer), the thermostat placed in a strong cold position, generally within an hour can be formed solid ice At this time the temperature of the refrigerated room can be reduced to 10 ℃ (normally 30 minutes can be achieved). If the refrigeration effect can be achieved, the refrigeration system is normal.

3. Show freezer compressor can not be shut down because of the thermostat fault.