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What about the refrigerator malfunction?
Jan 15, 2018

   Refrigerators are a necessary part of our daily life, if the refrigerator suddenly to strike, exactly or in the hot summer, the consequences can not be expected to.

    If the temperature in the refrigerator is high, there may be two possible failures:

    First, the refrigeration system leakage fluorine, in other words, the refrigerator has no refrigerant. Although the refrigerator will still run as usual, but the temperature inside the refrigerator is not refrigeration, which will cause the original need to refrigerate the food or food because of the rising temperature inside the refrigerator spoiled.

    Second, the evaporator frosting, this situation may be the air-cooled refrigerator, this refrigerator will contain evaporators. If the evaporator on the ice, the problem is very serious, because the evaporator ice is no way to melt, this will make the air duct jam, the inside of the cold volume out, so that the refrigerator can not continue to refrigeration.