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Tips on how to increase the production of ice-making machines.
Apr 24, 2018

    Ice-making machine in the logo ice production in the ideal environment is 10 degrees Celsius, temperature at 20 degrees Celsius, water pressure over 1.5 pa can reach the best ice. But this ideal ice-producing state is difficult to achieve.

    For water temperature, temperature or pressure we can not so precise grasp, and in the process of ice-making in the ventilation requirements are very strict, it is because of these factors, resulting in the ice-making machine in the link, there has been a certain loss. But we can also reduce this loss as much as possible to increase the production of ice production. The first is the thickness of the ice, normally the center of the ice should be trapped with the entire height of the ice one-third, if the middle of the ice is too much, we should adjust the ice-making device of the ice probe to make it thinner. Sometimes because of the pressure of the water source is too small, the user may install a booster pump, but this will make the machine run irregular impact on the amount of ice production.