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The role of different types of ice-making machines
Jun 29, 2018

    According to ice-making machine to choose

    A, round ice B, Square ice C, Snow ice D, phosphor flake ice E, round ice

    Choose according to the right occasion A round ice: Suitable for bars/hotels/restaurants/places of entertainment.

    It's the best choice for a wine/drink.

    B Square Ice: Applicable to food services/restaurants (pre-ice drinks)/camping site (with ice vending machine)/carbonated salt water drinks.

    C Snow ice: Suitable for cafes/hotels/restaurants/supermarkets/hospitals/laboratories/chemical industry, laboratory use is the best.

    D-phosphate flake ice: Suitable for fish processing/supermarket/meat processing/food industry/industrial.

    E-round ice: Suitable for ice display/salad bar/Room service/carbonate beverages.

    According to the daily Ice consumption choice According to the peak time of the use of the daily ice to estimate the maximum amount of ice, and then choose different production of ice-making machine