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The difference between a commercial ice making machine and an industrial ice making machine.
Feb 28, 2018

    Many businesses in the purchase of ice-making machine do not know whether to buy a commercial ice-making machines or industrial ice machine, today to tell you the difference between the two.

    Commercial ice-making machine compared to the industrial ice-making mechanism of the small amount of ice, connected to the power supply can be used; commercial ice-making mechanism of large ice is generally divided, and some even similar to industrial ice machine, commercial ice-making machine is mainly applicable to supermarkets convenience stores, retail industry, food processing industry, hotel catering, traffic civil aviation system, Western fast food shops.

    Compared to commercial ice-making machines, industrial ice machines ice production, and the need for the corresponding refrigeration system matching, the use of the requirements are also large differences, often require non-standard products and refrigeration and the corresponding circulating water, electronic control system design, plant prefabrication, on-site assembly, so the industrial ice machine needs to have strong professional and technical ability, Industrial ice-making machines are mainly used in large-scale ice places, food processing, seafood sales, chemical, water conservancy and electric power, medical, construction, mining and engineering construction industries such as cooling, storage and preservation.

    It is clear that the characteristics of commercial ice-making machines and industrial ice-making machines can make use of the characteristics of the products so that the ice-making machines can better meet their own needs.