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Ice-making machine spherical ice is more difficult to melt?
Jul 03, 2018

    Recently, someone abroad has designed a ice-making machine that can make spherical ice!

    In addition to the spherical ice, ice-making machine can also produce crescent-shaped, ribbed ice and other shapes of ice! It is said that this is because crooked nuts have found that different shapes melt and dilute beverages at different speeds, which means that the shape of the ice will be affected by your taste and specific beverages! The word is that the square ice melts quickly, the spherical ice can postpone the melting process!

    With upgraded double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel material, food grade silicone rubber and BPA-free plastic pallets ensure high quality and safety. A wide range of pallets, including seven ice hockey, six ice cubes, eight Corinthian spears, 16 standard cubes and other pallets, as well as more than the shape of the pallet, can be different cups to choose the appropriate ice tray, in order to enhance the level of the wine tasting process.

    It is interesting to note that the incremental, more ice can be produced per square foot than any other product. Easy to use, inject water, insert the shape of the tray and put it into the freezer, about 24-30 hours later, the shape of the tray from the container to take out, you can enjoy a higher purity, clearly visible ice, but also can slowly dilute the ice.