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Ice-making machine ice-making knowledge encyclopedia, knowledge Summary- 10
Jul 20, 2018

    Operating principle of ice-making machine 

    1 ice-making water needs salt (the jargon is called dosing) as to how much! See how much ice-making the modulation pump (plunger pump) automatic adjustment. 

    2 Ice machine body is divided into two cavities in the external cavity of a certain density of the copper pipe! The technical term is called (evaporation cavity) is what the saying is about refrigeration. 

    3 Outer cavity body is a very regular round stainless steel cavity Center has a three blade blade and the inner wall distance can be adjusted to the general 3 mm. There are several sets of evenly distributed copper nozzles above the skates! 4 working principle for when the plunger pump will be mixed with salt water through several filters will be 0.2 kg of water evenly sprayed into the cavity surface and then external cavity the cooling surface of the body instantly forms a 3 mm thick ice surface under the action of rotating ice skates will be just made into small pieces into the storage warehouse! The principle of the civil ice-making machine is basically the same!


    The inner cavity is a rotating ice cube box. The operating principle of the refrigerator is as follows: 1, the water pump of the storage water tank keeps circulating through the plate or the splitter, 2, after the compressor running, the suction-compression-exhaust-condensation (liquefaction)- Throttle-and then in the evaporator to 10 to 18 degrees of low-temperature evaporation endothermic vaporization. Frozen water in the 0-degree temperature of the evaporator on the surface of the cooler to form ice. When the ice condenses to a certain thickness, the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant reaches the setting temperature of temperature, That is, the defrost solenoid valve is often used in the form of heat pump to remove ice. To achieve the next cycle.