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How to use ice-making machine correctly?Part 2
Apr 19, 2018

5, ice-making machine should be used in line with local drinking water standards, and install filters to remove impurities in the water, to avoid clogging pipes, pollution sinks and ice mold and affect the ice-making performance.

Water temperature minimum 2 ℃, the highest is not more than 35 ℃, the minimum pressure of 0.02Mpa, the highest 0.8Mpa. 

6, ice-making machine must be two months to open the water hose pipe head, cleaning the inlet valve strainer, to avoid the infiltration of sand and mud impurities clogging the inlet, and resulting in a small amount of water, resulting in no ice. Although the ice-making machine at the end of each ice-making process, the tank will be the cooling of the rest of the water drained away, in order to achieve the cleaning effect, this can effectively reduce the evaporator and water circulation system in the production, but generally six months or so, but also to use the Ice machine cleaning agent and disinfectant to the water pipe, sink, storage refrigerator and water plate cleaning and disinfection, and rinse clean, the ice produced during the cleaning process can not be eaten.

When not in use for a long time, should clean, and blow dry ice with hair dryer mold and the water in the box, put in non-corrosive gas and ventilated dry place, avoid open storage. 

7, handling ice-making machine should be handled with care, to prevent violent vibration, handling gradient can not be less than 45 degrees, after long-distance transport, ice-making machine should be placed 2-6 hours later can open the mechanism of ice.