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Food preservation
Mar 21, 2018

    Food preservation is a big customer in refrigeration ice industry

    Ice-making machine is a kind of refrigeration machinery which can cool water through evaporator by cooling system refrigerant. According to the evaporator and the principle of the formation process, the shape of the ice produced is different, people generally according to ice shape will be ice-making machine into particles ice machine, ice machine, plate ice machine, tube ice machine, shell ice machine and so on.

    With the development of modern society civilization, leisure industry and the rise of the food storage industry refrigeration ice-making machinery has become more and more popular, in the hot summer food without refrigeration equipment may not be in the high-temperature environment will be too long.

    So food preservation is a big customer in the refrigeration industry, the rest of the leisure food industry in cold drinks without ice, in hospitals and other convalescent places also need to cool ice, for ice-making machine, this type of refrigeration machinery is very much, now a lot of leisure food industry used ice-making machine will usually appear in the hotel, In pubs or hotels and restaurants, ice-making machines have different mechanical uses of various shapes and sizes.