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These laboratory flake ice machines integrate the latest technology in Europe and America, and are designed and manufactured by our company according to the requirements of laboratory ice. It adopts the requirements of imported (international) ice machine reducer, multi-stage deceleration design (five-stage), increases the service life of the ice machine, and the machine noise is low.
They use a microcomputer control to display the following functions: ice full display, water shortage display, ice machine motor fault display, condensing temperature too high display, refrigerant shortage display. If there is a problem with the machine, the corresponding alarm indicator lights up and the corresponding protective measures are activated until it stops. This series of snowflake ice machines are widely used in laboratories, biopharmaceuticals and other industries.
1) The laboratory flake ice machine is made of high-quality stainless steel casing, which is corrosion-resistant and durable. The one-piece construction is compact and simple, saving space.
2) The insulation of the box machine is fluorine-free foaming, and the heat preservation effect is good. The inner tank is fluorine-free and antibacterial, energy saving and environmental protection.
3) Snowflake ice machine adopts high quality and high efficiency fluorine-free compressor. Its main components are all related to safety certification, and the products are safe and reliable. 4) Its ice making process is controlled by a full computer program. The imported computer chip has reliable control and stable operation.
5) This equipment adopts the reducer and motor imported from abroad, with low noise and stable and reliable operation. The top of the ice machine is equipped with a heat dissipation hole and a fan to ensure reliable operation of the reducer motor under high temperature and harsh conditions.
We are one of the leading lab flake ice machine manufacturers in China, offering you the best quality and durable ice machine. Welcome to purchase quality lab flake ice machine for sale from us. Fast delivery and good after-sale service are available.