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The fully automatic hotel flake ice machine produces a large amount of ice, and the ice shape is snowflake-shaped broken ice. It is used in hotels, hospitals, schools, laboratories, scientific research institutes and other places as well as supermarket food preservation, fishery fishing refrigeration, medical applications, chemicals, food processing and other industries.
●The ice produced is small in water content, high in hardness and difficult to melt.
●The snowflake ice machine adopts high quality compressor and has good cooling effect.
●Pure copper ice bucket, stainless steel ice skate, with good effect.
● Microcomputer automatic control system, which is stable.
● Double-screw extrusion ice making method, the ice shape is amorphous granular ice, which can penetrate into a narrow space, and is rapidly cooled, and the ice bath effect is good.
●The large snowflake ice machine has a full display of ice, lack of water display, lack of display of refrigerant, fault warning display and other protective shutdown functions.
●The power switch and function indicator are placed on the front of the machine for easy operation.
●The main components of the large snowflake ice machine, such as the water pipe and the sink, are disassembled without any tools, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.
●Stainless steel outer casing is decorated with silver-gray ABS engineering plastic, which is elegant and durable.
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