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Snow Flake Ice Machine

The ice made by the snowflake ice machine is relatively moist, and the water content is generally between 15% and 25%, and the temperature is slightly below zero. It has good plasticity and is easy to access and stack. The ice shape is an indefinite small particle snowflake crushed ice that can penetrate into a narrow gap. It has a fast cooling rate and good ice bath effect. It is specially designed for the laboratory and is especially suitable for use in labor science, medicine, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, inspection and quarantine.
The professionally designed refrigeration circuit, control system and various mechanical components make ice efficient and easy to use. The ice made by the snowflake ice machine is crystal clear, and the ice type is square, uniform and beautiful. This snowflake ice machine is capable of making ice at low temperatures, densely iced, not easy to melt, and has a refreshing taste.
This equipment uses microcomputer control technology, and the water supply. Ice making and deicing process are all completed automatically. At the same time, it optimizes system operation according to different ambient temperatures. Photoelectric control technology can detect ice full automatic stop, take off the ice and automatically start. Therefore, its control method is reliable and will not be affected by the ambient temperature. It also has automatic fault detection of system faults, and automatically enters the corresponding error correction mode according to different fault types to ensure stable and reliable operation of the machine.
We are one of the leading snow flake ice machine manufacturers in China, offering you the best quality and durable ice machine. Welcome to purchase quality snow flake ice machine for sale from us. Fast delivery and good after-sale service are available.
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