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Slice Ice Machine

Ice Chip Maker Machine

Ice Chip Maker Machine

Product: Ice Chip Maker Machine PB-500
Ice Making Capacity: 500kg/24h
Storage Capacity: 300kg
Power: 2500W/220V
Product Dimension: Machine Head: 1310*890*805mm Cabinet: 1320*1180*1100mm
Ice Shape: Scale Ice......

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Product Description: 

PB-500 ice chip maker machine is widely used in supermarkets or restaurants for its convenience, low cost and clean and crystal clear ice. PB-500 ice chip maker machine can effectively keep vegetables and fish products fresh during transportation, and can increase the beauty of merchandise display for customers and stores.


* The refrigeration effect is good and the durability is strong, so that the ice making system is stable and efficient.

* PLC programmable control system runs automatically, with stable performance and arbitrary control.

* SUS304 grade stainless steel evaporator is durable and of high quality.

* The machine parts are selected from internationally renowned brand refrigeration accessories, with stable performance, versatility of components and easy maintenance.

* The alloy material with international technical conductivity is used to stabilize the evaporator effect through surface treatment and fine welding.

* After numerous trials and screenings of the finest accessories, the matching of the equipment is compatible, so that the performance and cost are perfectly combined.


Widely used in small aquatic products, meat processing, slaughtering and processing industries, vegetable distribution and preservation, marine fisheries/aquaculture industry, chemical industry, etc.


Product Name: Ice Chip Maker Machine

Model: PB-500

Ice Making Capacity: 500kg/24h

Storage Capacity: 300kg

Power: 2500W/220V

Product Dimension: Machine Head: 1310*890*805mm  Cabinet: 1320*1180*1100mm

Water Supplier: Tap Water

Cooling Type: Fan Cooling

Ice Shape: Scale Ice

Certification: CE

Refrigerant: R404a

Brand Name: Bzx or OEM,ODM