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Why There's No Ice In The Ice Bin But Shows Ice Full
Oct 11, 2017

Snowflake ice making machines are mainly used for making ice, usually in medical, medicine, laboratories, bars, research institutes, universities and other units, especially in the pharmaceutical industry is widely used, but general pharmaceutical synthesis Workshop to ventilation, we met a pharmaceutical company, in the winter Pharmaceutical synthesis Workshop, open windows, ventilation treatment, in the winter, the general temperature is relatively low, Generally less than 7 degrees, in the open window ventilation treatment process, indoor temperature is relatively low, the day we used to, the room temperature is just 7 degrees, the result of ice machine display "ice full" and stop working. The main reason is: Temperature control is determined by the temperature trigger system set in the computer Control Panel, ice-making machine is the work of three temperature sensors directly collect temperature data, including a temperature sensor in the ice box, when the height of the ice reached a certain value, after touching the ice, the temperature is very low, triggering computer programs, Let the computer issued instructions, let the compressor stop working, show the ice full, on a temperature trigger temperature set is 7 degrees, so we met the home as long as the company in winter for ventilation, led to the indoor temperature is low, and led to the compressor to stop working, psl don't worry, move the machine to another place will be OK.