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Why Choose Ice As The Cooling Medium
Oct 30, 2017


    Ice, as a cooling medium has several important advantages to make it popular; it has a large cooling effect for a given volume, its hygienic, easy to store, easy to move and cost-effective.

    It can easily be placed around the product or blended into products to achieve fast, mild and controllable cooling effects.

Constant temperature effect

    The disadvantage of mechanical refrigeration is that it may be uneven, often leading to "hot" products. Ice is an effective way to regulate product temperature by distributing evenly around the product.

    For this reason, even when stored and transported in a refrigerated environment, products are often packaged in ice.

This can also be seen when displaying goods in environments such as stores and supermarkets. The air must be warm for the comfort of the customer, so the ice protects perishable goods with warm air.

Prevent dehydration damage

    Dry refrigerated air may cause dehydration of the product surface, which in some cases may cause unsightly damage.

    As the ice absorbs heat from the product, it melts slowly, releasing a small amount of continuous trickle of water to prevent dryness in the low humidity refrigerated air.


    When the right ice type is selected and the water source is clean, the use of ice cooling can be very hygienic when used in good working practice.

    When using ice in a food production environment, ice should always be treated as a food, especially if the ice is used as an ingredient in a mixture.

Easy integration

    As mentioned earlier, the ice is relatively easy to store and move, making consolidation quite simple.

    Various types and sizes also mean that ice can be easily adapted to a wide range of applications and industries.