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Some Tips For Installing New Ice-making Machines
Dec 29, 2017

    The ice-making machine is best installed in a place with no direct sunlight and good ventilation.

    Ice-making machine condenser minimum ventilation distance from the shielding at least 1 meters above, high at least 50cm above the roof, preferably a good ventilation distance, but also to maintain air flow. The installation of the ground to maintain the level, otherwise the machine running will make the storage refrigerator water affect the production of ice quality.

    After the installation, first check the appearance of the machine integrity, whether the ice channel is unobstructed, fan blade rotation is flexible, all the cut-off valves are all open, the unit is all over the welded joints whether there is grease, compressor is lack of oil, here Hao cool remind everyone, oil on the compressor life is closely related, we should always check the oil level and oil color.

    Connect the water, check whether the pressure is normal, the pressure is too low will cause the machine to keep the alarm, often water is recommended to use storage tank and booster pump. The water level of the inlet tank should be low and about 10 mm from the overflow port, the water level can be adjusted by floating ball. Also do not forget to check the voltage, ice-making machine has its own separate water valves and power supply for future maintenance is very convenient.

    When the ice machine is energized, do not make ice immediately. First let the crankcase heater can press the oil heating, and then let the unit run, here to listen to the unit running sound, to see the evaporator ice, and some ice-making machine needs to add salt water, the general 30kg barrels plus 200 grams of salt is the most suitable, while looking at the water separator is normal.

    Recently, some friends of the water pressure is too large to cause ice-making machine edge of the ice to disperse out, at this time need to close the water valve before the trap.

    After the normal operation of the unit, we have to test the unit's certain protection functions.

Water shortage protection. The machine stops, under normal circumstances by hand to block the switch three minutes unit can stop. The current ice-making machine is the first press stop, after two points after the skates stop, so that the next time to start the machine, so that the entire ice bucket of ice scraping down to facilitate the next time the thickness of the machine ice.