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Snow Machine Ice Way:
May 23, 2017

15 minutes after the ice can be ice, ice crystal clear; ice for the square, regular uniform, beautiful and generous; low temperature ice, icing dense, easy to melt, fresh taste.

Microcomputer control technology: water supply, ice making, deicing process all automatically completed; at the same time according to different ambient temperature optimization system operation; photoelectric control technology to detect ice full automatic shutdown, remove the ice automatically after the boot, reliable control, Subject to ambient temperature and malfunction.

System failure automatic detection function: According to different types of failure automatically enter the corresponding error correction mode, to ensure stable and reliable operation of the machine.

The world's advanced refrigeration technology: the world famous brand compressor, available R22, R404a and other refrigerant refrigeration.

The appearance of luxury, nice: full stainless steel shell, 45 ° large slope design, easy to take ice easily.

Unique cleaning mode: the user can start according to the need for automatic cleaning function, at any time to clean the water circulation system; national patent protection of residual water exhaustive institutions to ensure that the machine and ice clean and sanitary.

Excellent performance and stability: the use of world famous host, forced air cooling, cooling system optimization design; polyurethane foam insulation, ice storage time is long.