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Snow Ice Machine FAQ
Aug 04, 2017

1. The difference between the ice making machine and the laboratory snow making machine.

The ice-making machine for food and beverage is ice-cube ice, bullet-head ice, etc., when the ice is formed in a fixed mold; The snow ice machine in addition to the whole set of refrigeration system in the hardware, but also need to be equipped with a motor-driven ice skates system, used for the crushing of ices, skates have been running, the ice room formed by the continuous scraping of the ice, and extruded into irregular ice. Therefore, from the hardware cost, snow ice machine due to a full set of motor and skate system, manufacturing costs will be higher than the food and beverage ice-making machine.

2. Why is the ice-making machine so cheap on Taobao?

Most of the ice-making machines on Taobao are ice-making machines for catering purposes, that is, the box or bullet-type ice, so the price will be relatively low, but if you search for "Snow ice machine" display products, you can see that the price will be more than other types of ice-making machine higher, mainly the gap between the cost of hardware.

3. Why are so many brands of ice-making machine in the same shape?

Many domestic and foreign brands of snow ice machine why the shape of the Basic agreement, the reason, mainly the majority of the brand adopts the production method is OEM, that is, to find others to help production, and then affixed to their own brand, such benefits are not required to put into production and management of the cost, just to use their own channel advantages, do a good job sales can be, belong to the light asset operation mode OEM production mode is widely used in consumer electronics products, such as the familiar Apple mobile phone, Foxconn is his largest foundry, this model is built in brand brands are strong, and has a strong product design and quality control capabilities. Anti-view snow ice machine industry, the vast majority of manufacturers are not large scale, in the OEM process can do the basic is I pay, you produce, I OEM sales, this process will produce a lot of problems. For example, because the brand has no technical power, the product design and quality control can not be carried out, only orders and OEM, or just according to the OEM production of their own products, exactly the same, so that brand business card, so the market will see a lot of different brands of almost the same products. It is conceivable that the brand business because of their own technical force is indeed, after sales also have to rely entirely on the OEM, its ability to protect is very limited.

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