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Select The Capacity Of The Ice Carbinet
Jul 31, 2017

The capacity of the carbinet is also an important factor to choose ice-making machines.

The number of people in the laboratory for biological experiments determines the maximum amount used, assuming that all people use the same amount of time, preferably in the same amount as the ice bucket. Ice-making machines are often fully automated during operation, do not need manual intervention, will automatically keep the ice, and when the storage tank full of time, the machine will get the signal automatic shutdown, so, the amount of ice storage barrels that is the ice machine one-time ice the maximum amount.

For the above factors, we can consider the following aspects to choose from:

1, if the laboratory to do molecular biology-related experiments, and often at the same time to take ice, it is best to choose a large ice-producing and ice bucket also relatively large model (number of x per ice). Such as IMS-300, the ice storage is 150kg.


2, if the lab to do molecular biology-related experiments, but the probability of the same time to take ice is small, then you can consider the selection of a relatively small capacity and storage, which can guarantee the use, but also save the acquisition costs. Such as IMS-100,120,150, the ice storage is 40kg.


3, if the lab does not have many molecular biology-related experiments, or the probability of concentrating on the ice is low, then you can consider choosing a smaller ice carbinet. Such as the IMS-40,50, the ice storage is 15kg.