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Refrigerating Capacity And Unit Conversion Of Cold Storage 4
Nov 20, 2017

Cold storage Process Matching cold air blower:

The load per cubic metre is calculated according to W0=110W/M3.

If V (between processing volume) <50m3, then multiply coefficient a=1.1;

If v≥50m3, then the coefficient of a=1.0 final cold air cooler selection by W=a*w0 (W for the cooling fan load);

When the refrigerating unit is shared with the middle temperature cabinet, the matching of the unit and the cooler is calculated according to the -10oc evaporation temperature.

When the processing room and the middle temperature cabinet separate, the cold storage unit and the cold fan match according to 0oC evaporation temperature calculation.

The above calculation as a reference value, accurate calculation of the cold storage load calculation table.

Cold Storage Tonnage Calculation:

Activity Cold Storage Tonnage = The contents of the refrigeration room x Volume utilization factor x food unit weight.

Active cold storage between the contents of the Product = in the library, long x Width x height (cubic)

Volume utilization coefficient of cold storage:

$number Cubic =0.40

1001~2000 Cubic =0.50

2001~10000 Cubic =0.55

10001~15000 Cubic =0.60

The food unit weight of the active cold storage:

Frozen meat = 0.40 tons/cubic

Frozen fish = 0.47 tons/cubic

Fresh fruits and vegetables = 0.23 tons/cubic

Mechanism ice = 0.75 tons/cubic

Frozen sheep cavity = 0.25 tons/cubic

Boneless meat or by-products = 0.60 tons/cubic

Refrigerated poultry in box = 0.55 tons/cubic

Calculation method of storage volume of active cold storage:

In the warehousing industry, the calculation formula of maximum storage quantity is:

Active content Product (m3) = Total content product (m3) X0.9

Maximum storage quantity (ton) = Total content product (m3)/2.5m3

Actual maximum storage capacity of active cold storage

Active content Product (m3) = Total content product (m3) X0.9

Maximum storage quantity (ton) = Total content product (m3) X (0.4-0.6)/2.5m3

The 0.4-0.6 is determined by the size and storage of the cold storage. (The table below is for reference only)

Food category frozen fish eggs fresh vegetable fresh fruit ice egg mechanism ice

Heavy $literal 400 470 260 230 230 600 750

Actual amount of daily storage used

In the absence of special designated occasions, the actual use of daily storage in accordance with the maximum storage capacity (ton) of 15% or 30% calculation (generally less than 100m3 of 30%).