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Reasonable Purchase Of Ice-making Machine Accessories
Nov 08, 2017

    In the purchase of ice-making machine, the correct choice of accessory parts, can increase the service life of ice-making machine, improve the efficiency of ice-making machine. The main parts of the need are filters, connecting pipes and so on.

1. Filter:

    The filter needs the customer to purchase separately, installs in the ice-making machine front end. The food industry uses ice-making machines, and the front end generally installs filters. In order to improve the life of ice-making machine, the laboratory also needs to adopt filters.

    Water generally contains inorganic salts, organic matter, and even contain miscellaneous bacteria, especially in the hard water area, resulting in the production of ice can not be eaten, and affect the life of ice-making machine. After the filter to remove impurities in the water, improve the quality of the ice, can be assured of consumption.

2. Connecting pipes

    In the process of buying ice-making machines, manufacturers will be randomly distribution of water connections. But after the ice-making machine is used for some time, the connection water pipe will appear aging, breakage and so on, need to replace the new water pipe.