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Lab Use Snow Flake Ice Machine
Jul 24, 2017

    Laboratory ice machine is mainly used in the life science related experiments, to provide samples of the ice bath environment, to prevent samples (such as nucleic acids, proteins) because of temperature changes leading to degradation or deterioration, so as to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of experimental results. Most of the time, our sample is placed in the EP tube, centrifugal tube, PCR tube and other containers inside, and then the sample tube inserted in the ice bath, by contact to achieve the maintenance of temperature. Because the sample and ice can not be directly contacted, but through the tube wall to transmit, so the wall and ice bath contact area is the protection of ice bath effect, in order to better protect the sample, should be as far as possible to expand the wall and ice bath contact area.

    In view of the above considerations, the laboratory ice machine general selection Snow ice machine, the type of ice-making machine produced by snow-like ice, because the particles are very small, can and pipe wall close contact to ensure that ice bath effect.

    For the specific requirements of the ice, there is also a point is very important, out of snow ice requires $number water content, this can greatly improve the ice bath and tube wall contact effect.

    I remembered that one day, a client sent me an e-mail said 'the ice is too wet, I want the ice very dry". I expalined few days, the client finally understand why the ice is a little wet. ^_^