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Ice-making Machine Use/cleaning/maintenance
Nov 27, 2017

Ice-making machine use/cleaning/maintenance

If the ice captain does not use the time, or move to another place.

1. Shut down the water supply for the main water source.

2. Disconnect the water supply line from the water inlet.

3. Power down the main power supply.

4. Unscrew the water tank nut, and then completely discharged, then tighten the nut after completion.

5. Remove the ice from the storage refrigerator.

6. Open the door to allow circulation to prevent mold and mildew.

7. Disconnect the water supply line and power cord and prepare for reuse.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If the ice captain does not use the time, it must be thoroughly cleaned before the next use. Please read carefully the instructions for cleaning or using the disinfectant solution before use. Do not leave any solution in the ice-making machine after cleaning.

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance will ensure efficiency, optimum performance and service life. The maintenance interval listed is based on normal conditions.

Note: Do not save anything in a fridge other than ice: items like wine and beer are not only unsanitary, but labels may fall off and clog the drains.

Four things should keep clean

1) appearance

2) Internal

3) Water distribution pipe

4 Ice Making System cleaning