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How To Solve The Noise Of The Refrigerator? Part One
Dec 22, 2017

    One, the refrigerator switch machine sound big reason

    When the freezer is open and shut down, easy to make a larger sound: when the refrigerator just started, the system high and low pressure in an unstable state, easy to cause compressor vibration, sound on the large; when the refrigerator starts, if the voltage is low, the heavy hammer start relay will make a larger sound; when the freezer is down, the pressure of the internal work The spring in the compressor also emits a brief vibrating sound.

    After the freezer stops for a period of time, the sound increases: freezer After a long time, the internal movement of the compressor surface due to lack of lubrication, work again will make the sound larger, after a period of time will be normal, therefore, the general refrigerator is best not long-term stop, and sometimes new bought freezer will also appear this situation, after a period of operation, will gradually become normal.

    Fluid sound, the process of compressor operation is a continuous suction and exhaust process, compressor inhalation or discharge of refrigerant gas pressure has a mutation, will produce vibration sound, compressor manufacturing, the parts must exist between the gap between the operation of the freezer, the gap exists so that some parts collide, especially in the open downtime, The compressor parts and components of the force changes larger, the sound will be larger than usual.

    Freezer sound suddenly become larger, should be viewed from the following aspects:

(1) Whether the ground is strong and flat

(2) whether the refrigerator and the freezer between the installation is stable

(3) Whether the back is close to the wall

(4) whether to contact with volatile objects

(5) Check the compressor (there is a foreign matter or tape when sweeping)