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How To Solve The Noise Of The Refrigerator? Part Two
Dec 25, 2017

    Second, regular maintenance of the refrigerator

    Freezer use for a period of time, because of the long-term cold food in the confined space, will breed bacteria, pollution of food, produce peculiar smell, so regularly to the refrigerator to do cleaning is very important. If you neglect the maintenance of the refrigerator, it will cause certain damage to the freezer.

1, freezer long-term stop time, should first cut off the power, take out all the food in the box, the box inside and outside clean, open the box door for several days, so that the box fully dry and remove the odor inside the freezer.

2, check vibration, noise and compressor temperature. Operation of the compressor shell, should not have a clear sense of vibration, daytime should not hear the compressor to start the sound.

3. Check the drain. If the drain is clogged, the water will leak into the supermarket freezer. Use wire to poke a drain pipe to remove the stuff that is on the drain.

4, often clean the back or bottom of the refrigerator cooler and the dust on the compressor. can use vacuum cleaner or brush dust. Be careful not to use wet cloth to wipe the refrigerator and dust on the compressor. In addition to pay attention to the cleaning outside the box, or attention to the sanitary treatment in the box.

5, pay attention to check whether there are cracks in the power line to prevent leakage.