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How To Improve The Technical Quality Of Ice Making Machine (snow Making Machine)
Oct 20, 2017

    Turning the water into ice requires lowering the temperature of the water below its solidification point, for artificial, this requires a complete refrigeration system, the integrated system of ice-making machines. Includes refrigeration compressors or other power sources, heat exchangers (condensers, evaporators-ice-making components), necessary ancillary equipment, throttle components, pipe fittings valves, control elements and their piping and water supply systems, automated control systems, and refrigeration systems.

    Although in recent years, China's refrigeration technology development faster, but compared with the developed countries, we in the machine manufacturing precision, processing technology level, material selection and so there is a lot of room for development. There is still a gap in research and development of refrigerants, ice-making machines (snow-making machines) and energy efficiency levels.

    Ice Machine (snow ice machine) and its integrated system, the key part of refrigeration compressors and ice-making components, refrigeration compressors with international brands of companies mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States and Japan, in recent years, in the screw refrigeration compressor research and development, China has made considerable progress, Jointly developed by Xi ' an Jiaotong University and Yantai Ice Wheel Group Co., Ltd. has won the second prize of National Science and Technology progress, and its energy efficiency and noise indicators have reached the international advanced level. Industrial and commercial ice machine (snow ice machine) supporting the semi-closed or open type piston compressors, screw compressors, the main domestic brands used in China from the Dalian Iceberg Group (Wuhan New Century), Yantai Ice Wheel group, as well as foreign companies in China joint ventures or wholly-owned brand York, COPELAND, Bitzer, Dunham and so on. Domestic refrigeration compressors, although the technical level in recent years, processing technology has made great progress, however, due to the use of parts materials, processing precision, assembly technology and other problems, and foreign brands have a certain gap in the technical level, reflected in the high failure rate, noise bias, the appearance of bulky, etc. in the ice-making components, should strengthen the evaporator efficiency, New material applications, parts processing precision and materials, such as research and development.