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Frozen Cold Storage Knowledge Of Meat
Sep 20, 2017

Meat cold storage frozen meat food is a scientific preservation method, because the meat food is affected by the high temperature of the weather, the meat food enzymes decomposition, oxidation and microbial growth and reproduction of the deterioration, the low-temperature of the meat cold storage can control the decomposition of enzymes, slow oxidation, inhibit microbial growth and reproduction, so that meat food in a dormant state, Maintain the original quality after weeks or months of product production, meat in 18 ℃ below that is to reach the dormant state,-23 ℃ below the low temperature can extend the freshness period, such as under the -30℃ cold storage period than in the -18℃ under the frozen reservoir longer than one times more, where the most obvious pork. The state expressly stipulates that frozen food, manufactured goods and aquatic products must be transported at -18℃ or lower temperatures. Meat food during transport temperature remains below 18 ℃, poultry meat should be packaged with airtight composite materials and transported under temperature-18 ℃ to avoid fat oxidation, dehydration and spoilage.

The storage time of fish and aquatic products is closely related to temperature. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of 10 ℃ per reduction, frozen storage period increased by 3 times times. The low fat fish in the fatty fish has a short frozen period, and the red muscle fish has a shorter freeze-storage period. The general freezing temperature is: less fat fish and aquatic products between -18℃~-23℃; fatty fish Under-29 ℃, some red muscle fish may be required to reach-60 ℃ low temperature. The lowest possible temperature should be used during freezing and transportation, and any temperature fluctuations should be avoided.