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Flake Ice Machine: Part 1
Oct 27, 2017

    Chinese name: Ice machine English name: Slice ice Machine definition: Continuous production of ice-sheet machinery. Applied Disciplines: Aquatic Science (primary discipline); Fishery ships and fishery machinery (two disciplines)

    Flake Ice machine, is a kind of ice-making machine, generally for industrial ice-making machine. The ice produced is flaky. The ice can be made from fresh water or from brine. Flake, dry and loose white ice, 10 mm to 15 mm thick, irregularly shaped, with a diameter of about 12 to 45 mm. The ice does not have sharp edges, and does not stab frozen objects. Can enter the gap between the cooler, reduce heat exchange, maintain the temperature of the ice, and have a good moisturizing effect. Ice refrigeration effect is excellent, there is a large amount of refrigeration, rapid characteristics, it is mainly used in a variety of large-scale refrigeration facilities, food frozen, concrete cooling and so on.

    Flake ice machine kinds of ice machine type more, generally can be divided into immediately and horizontal. Vertical is divided into sandwich internal ice and external ice, and scraping blades rotate and drums do not understand and round bucket rotation and scraping the blades do not move.