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Drug Freezer Features Anti-aging, Moth, Mildew
Jan 08, 2018

    Medicine cabinet: said the medicine Cool Ark, uses the freezer to store the medicine to have the Chinese characteristic the storage fresh-keeping technology, the flourishing storage light sale can create the good economic efficiency. It is characterized by small investment, quick results and investment value.

Characteristics of drug Freezer:

1, good insulation: drug freezer using advanced composite materials as insulation material made of composite siding, its light weight, high strength, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, moth, non-toxic, mildew, in the ultra-low temperature can show its superiority.

2, the symbol of national health standards, drug freezer inside and outside the selection by Color steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate of plywood-type library board, non-toxic, tasteless, not rust, can reduce the temperature difference between the internal and external heat transfer, to achieve the maximum refrigeration, refrigeration system efficiency.

3, generally speaking, freezer refrigeration is to have such demand for the drug, in order to maintain its requirements of the temperature shelf storage, because, temperature down to-15 ℃, drug storage rate is high, microorganisms and enzymes basically stop activities, growth, oxidation is very slow. Therefore, the drug can be stored for a long time, and has better refrigeration quality. In addition, freezer refrigeration drugs also require a relatively stable temperature in the library, excessive temperature fluctuations will lead to the spoilage of drugs.


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