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Selected Imports Or Domestic Brands
Aug 02, 2017

At present, users in the selection of ice-making machines or suppliers in the recommended ice machine will generally think that they are divided into imports or domestic even a camp, subconsciously will think that the quality of imports, stable and reliable.

According to our experience for many years, ice-making machine is a very mature technology, domestic and foreign products from the technology has no differences, often the difference is in the different manufacturers in the design, manufacture, after-sales service, unreasonable design or cost first consideration, leading to the product in the application process of a variety of problems, and after-sale system is not perfect is exacerbated by the bad impression. In recent years, domestic manufacturers have been aware of some of the problems in the market, the concept has been changing, all aspects have been in the direction of brand building efforts, and achieved good results.

Imports of branded products, prices and after-sales service are their short board. On the price side, imports of products than domestic products are several times more than the fact that it is indisputable, see each brand product comparison

Common brands: Stocsman, Grant, Sanyo, etc.

Domestic brands(manufacturer): Beijing Changliu, Changshu Shenghai, Changshu Xueke, Ningbo Xinzhi, etc.