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Application Of Compressor In Ice-making Machine Industry
Aug 09, 2017

Ice-making machine industry in China to develop a short time, from the global market, the current developed countries of the ice-making machine industry is very mature, the industry is larger, and some African and developing countries are relatively backward. From the general market of ice-making machine industry, because of the sustained development of China's economy, industrial construction sites are increasing, the probability of using ice-making equipment also increases, in addition, the rising standard of living, domestic residents began to have the habit of eating ice, especially in the economically relatively developed large cities, family-unit consumption began to increase, but also make the market began to become active. In recent years, a number of high-end hotels and entertainment venues have been emerging, ice-making machine demand is also rising.

According to industry insiders, Shanghai already has some private want to invest in ice-selling industries, some large supermarkets such as Metro has bagged food ice sold. September 8, 09, by the China Refrigeration Society organized by the ice-making Machine industry Development forum, the enterprise enthusiastically speak and actively advise, the industry is starting a breakthrough change.

Compressor as the key components of ice-making machine, the development of ice-making machine industry is self-evident to the importance of compressor industry. How to promote the development of ice-making machine industry is also a common concern of upstream compressor enterprises. At present the refrigeration compressor in the ice-making machine market is still in the low. Ice-making machine manufacturers in the selection of compressor brands, product applications, procurement channels and so on, showing the following characteristics.

Variety of product types

Ice-making machine according to the more traditional classification method, can be divided into household ice machine, commercial ice machine and industrial ice-making machine, so the ice-making machine compressor has also changed the product type, product specifications and performance of a variety of characteristics.

     Ice-making machine          Capacity      Compressor Brand        Compressor type
Household,Commercialbelow 3 TonsDanfoss, Copeland, etc
Fully enclosed
Commercial3-5 TonsBitzer, Copeland, etcFully enclosed,                  Semi-closed
Commercial´╝îIndustrial5-30 TonsHanbell, Moon, etcSemi-closed
Industrialmore than 30 TonsSanyoo, etcOpen type