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Analysis On The Principle Of Ice - Making Ice Machine
May 23, 2017

With the gradual expansion of China's ice market, snow ice machine industry more and more attention. A variety of ice has been widely used in a variety of industries, according to the use of mainly divided into commercial, and industrial ice machine, snow ice machine This unique in the refrigeration industry ice-making characteristics of the laboratory, hospitals, schools, supermarkets And other chemical food processing industries occupy a certain regular share.

Snow ice machine into the water tank through the float valve into the ice machine, water through the bottom of the tank connected to the vertical flow of ice cylinder. The ice-making chamber is surrounded by an inner evaporator, with an internal setting - stainless steel spiral ice drill. With the rotation. The ice drill will scrap the frozen ice on the inner surface of the cylinder and deliver it to the top of the ice. The top of the ice will be drained from the ice maker and the well will be further broken and finally dried. Apply to refrigerated shelves for display or add to drink.

Snow ice machine in the computer control on the use of microcomputer automatic control system, safe and stable. Double helix extrusion ice-making method, the ice-shaped ice is amorphous, can penetrate into a narrow space, rapid cooling, ice bath effect is good. There are ice full display, water shortage display, lack of refrigerant display, fault warning display and other protective shutdown function.

 Snow ice machine has high refrigeration efficiency and large ice production. Spiral hobbing type of ice-making, compact structure, to achieve automatic separation of ice and water. The optimal design of the ice blade edge makes the ice-making small and practical, and the user can start the automatic cleaning function according to the need, at any time to clean the water circulation system; national patent protection of the residual water exhaustive institutions to ensure that the machine and ice clean and sanitary. Excellent performance and stability: the use of world famous host, forced air cooling, cooling system optimization design; polyurethane foam insulation, ice storage time is long.