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Air Cooling Characteristics Of Ice-making Machine
Sep 15, 2017

The cooling performance of ice-making machine is determined by ambient temperature, the higher the ambient temperature, the higher the condensation temperature. Generally, the use of air-cooled condenser, condensation temperature is higher than the ambient temperature 7~12℃, 7~12℃ This value we call heat transfer temperature difference. The higher the condensation temperature, the cooler the refrigeration efficiency will be lower, so we have to control the heat transfer temperature should not be too large. But if you want to change the temperature difference is too small, then air-cooled condenser heat transfer area and the circulation of the larger the air, air-cooled condenser cost of the higher cost. The temperature limit is no higher than 55 ℃, not less than 20 ℃. In general, air cooled condensers are not recommended in areas where ambient temperatures exceed 42 ℃. So if you can choose air-cooled condenser, first of all to confirm the ambient temperature. In general, when designing air-cooled ice making machines, customers are required to provide the highest ambient dry-bulb temperatures throughout the year.


No water resources, low operating costs.

installation, easy to use, no other ancillary equipment, as long as the power supply can be put into operation

Do not pollute the environment.

Suitable for severe water shortages or rare areas of water supply.


Higher cost inputs.

The condensation temperature is high, the operation efficiency of the refrigerating unit is reduced.

Not suitable for areas with foul air and dusty climate.