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A Building That Will Refrigerate Itself.
Dec 11, 2017

    What is the experience of letting you work in an air-conditioned office building? First of all, not to mention the ventilation and indoor and gas exchange problems, itself like an omelette of the high temperature is enough to make you uncomfortable.

    However, the addition of air-conditioning will also attract other problems. For example, the continuous noise caused by the central air-conditioning system will affect the work, and it has been out of the enclosed space for the health of the human respiratory system. Most importantly, this central air-conditioning system energy consumption is very terrible, neither environmental protection nor economic efficiency.

    Will there be a building that doesn't need air-conditioning?

    The answer is yes, a Dutch construction engineer, Ben Bronsema, has unveiled a bold design: his building will be fitted with a huge circulatory system that, in addition to providing air replacement for the building, is more important for cooling the entire building. The whole process does not need to be implemented through traditional electric air conditioners.