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Milk Ice Machine

Shave Ice Machine Commercial

Shave Ice Machine Commercial

Product: 110kg Shave Ice Machine Commercial
Model: XB-110
Ice Making Capacity: 110kg/24h
Storage Capacity: 50L
Power: 650W/220V
Product Dimension: 483*1026*498mm
Water Supplier: Tap Water Cooling...

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Product Description:

The support rod of the shave ice machine commercial and the outer cover of the blade have a curved bracket, and the curved bracket is connected with an armrest, and the ice bracket is respectively arranged on both sides of the bottom of the curved bracket. The separate combined structure makes it compact, elegant and space efficient.

The shave ice machine commercial has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, economy and practicability, safe use, etc., which can greatly reduce the labor cost, reduce the safety hazard, and save a large amount of expenses.


1. It just needs 5 mins to produce pure snow after connecting the power, keep making ice all the time.

2. Adopts the anti-corruption and durable SS shell, which looks more beautiful, sanitary, strong and durable.

3. The evaporator is make of stainless steel 304, which ensure the snow ice clean and sanitary.

4. Fluoride-free foaming material matching with whole-foaming workmanship, which make ice storage keep warm longer.

5. Adopts world-famous key components making machines have a good performance.

6. Adopts the high-quality and high-efficiency R134a freon-free compressor.

7. Equipped with the protective closing down function of the full of ice, shortage of ice, automatic detection of overloading warning, etc.

8.The whole ice making progressing is controlled by the full computer program that makes it a reliable and steady working.


Widely used in medical applications, chemicals, food processing and other industries.


Product Name: 110kg Shave Ice Machine Commercial
Ice Making Capacity: 110kg/24h
Storage Capacity:50L
Water Supplier:Tap Water
Cooling type:Fan Cooling
Ice Shape:Snow Ice
Product Dimension:483*1026*498mm
Brand Name:Bzx or OEM,ODM