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Why flake ice is popular used?
Mar 05, 2018

    Many supermarkets or aquatic products trading market are very fond of flake ice, and will often use it. So why is the flake ice so accepted by everyone? Now let's analyze it together.

    Flake ice is popular because of its own characteristics of other snow ice is more prominent. The temperature is very low, can be low to Panido. Flake ice is not easy to agglomerate, good fluidity, and not easy to freeze, very dry. Because of the problem of ice structure, so with the preservation of the box appears, the area of contact is very large, cold storage effect is very good. Flake ice has no sharp water chestnut, so there is no need to worry about damaging the packaging of refrigerated products, so the flakeice involves a lot of industry, but also because the emergence of flke ice is replaced by other types of ice, the shape of the ice sheet is also very beautiful rules, both sanitary and convenient to eat, this is the reason we are looking for.