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Which of the two ice-making speeds of wind and water cooling is faster?
May 23, 2018

    Ice-making machine refrigeration mode is generally divided into air-cooled condensation and water-cooled condensation, which is often said that the wind and water cooling.

    Here is a brief introduction to the two condensation methods of their respective advantages and disadvantages.

    1. The advantages of air-cooled ice-making machine:

    No water resources, low operating cost.

installation, easy to use, no other ancillary equipment, as long as the power supply can be put into operation

    Do not pollute the environment.

    Suitable for serious water shortage or rare area of water supply.


    High cost input.

    The condensing temperature is higher, so that the operation efficiency of the chiller group is reduced.

    It does not apply to areas with dirty air and dusty weather.

    2. The advantages of water-cooled ice-making machine:

    Low condensation temperature of refrigerating unit to improve refrigeration efficiency

    Initial input cost is lower than wind cooling, evaporation cold

    Good cooling effect, suitable for medium and large refrigeration system

    Disadvantages of water-cooled Condenser

    Consumption of water resources

    Water spraying has some impact on the surrounding environment

    Need to install waterway system, water supply system In short, the purchase of ice-making machine according to the conditions of their own discretion to decide to buy which refrigeration mode of ice-making machines, has reached the best ice-making effect.