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What should be paid attention to in buying a medicine cool cabinet?
Jun 01, 2018

  There are a wide variety of medicines in the market, among which are filled with various inferior. Of course, there are many worthy of consumer trust, for example, special Guangdong's medicine cool cabinet.

       Buy medicine Cool cabinet, quality should be consumers as the preferred factor. The price of the medicine Cool Ark is different in the market, the price of a medicine cool Ark is somewhat low more than 1000 can buy, of course, the high price medicine shade Ark is still very expensive, Guiwan tens of thousands of or even higher price is some. The price of the medicine cool cabinet. In general, it is proportional to his quality. Like any other commodity on the market, the price of a commodity fluctuates around its value.

       Some low quality medicines have obvious flaws in the cool cabinets. The temperature regulation is one aspect, the medicine cool cabinet to the temperature condition accuracy request is very high. However, the accuracy of the temperature adjustment of inferior medicines in shady cabinets may not be achieved or can not be achieved in the long term. Also, the refrigeration speed of the medicine cool cabinet is also an important aspect. The cooling speed of the medicine cool cabinet is mainly decided by the power and quality of the compressor in the cool cabinet of medicine.