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Market characteristics of ice-making machines
Jul 10, 2017

Ice-making machine, is a long-standing concern in China's products. Because of the great differences between Chinese and Western culture, the ice-making machine, a product with a strong Western life color, has not been able to bring cool to many people in the summer.

According to the survey, many domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of ice machine, exports have been growing at a rate of more than 200%, in Europe and the United States, people have formed the habit of adding ice in the drinks. There, ice is used to hide wine, ice wine and wine. And wine is the home life of European and American people must drink. Therefore, Europe and the United States ice-making machine penetration rate is staggering.

Not only that, in the European and American restaurants, 24-hour ice-making 100~200kg ice-making machine is necessary, even the street side of the small restaurant must be equipped with suitable ice-making machine. People in Europe and America need ice cubes that are not frozen squares in refrigerators, but cubes or rounded ice cubes that can be melted quickly, and the average refrigerator is hard to meet their needs for ice. 

In Europe and the United States, ice is also widely used in the wound ice, it can prevent bleeding wounds, reduce trauma pain, and even burn the need for ice. That is why ice-making machines are popular in Europe and the United States. At present, most of the overseas market procurement is based on 24-hour ice 15~40kg model products. Mainly domestic and small commercial products.

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