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The working principle of water - cooled condenser
May 23, 2017

The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas enters the shell of the condenser from the inlet of the condenser, and the cooling water pump draws the cooling water from the water tank of the cooling tower and enters the condenser through the inlet at the lower right of the condenser In the pipeline, heat exchange with the refrigerant outside the condenser copper pipe, the temperature rises from the outlet on the right side of the condenser, through the outlet pipe, into the water inlet pipe of the cooling tower, Outlet, evenly sprinkled on the filler, through the fan suction and water in the water exchange, the water temperature is reduced, the water is stored in the storage tank, to be reused.

High temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas in the condenser shell side, and the flow of cooling water flow, the temperature decreases, condensed into liquid. The heat of the refrigeration unit is first heat exchanged with water (heat exchange occurring in the condensation), and the water is heat exchanged with the air (heat exchange occurring in the cooling tower).