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The present situation of refrigeration industry: Part 1
Dec 06, 2017

    Under the background of the rapid development of industry, China has been learning some advanced technology from abroad. itself for the refrigeration(ice making machine) industry, the developed countries in Europe and the United States quickly, because people in Europe and the United States to eat ice has been a small part of daily life. The earliest contact refrigeration industry in China was about the mid 1980s, and the Chinese began to learn advanced production technology from foreign markets and set up joint ventures to develop refrigeration industry together.

    Although the establishment of joint ventures, but the domestic refrigeration industry is still not up to the needs of many industries, especially for some of the top technology and products, domestic still can not reach the technical capacity of independent research and development. After the reform and opening up, the domestic and did not pay attention to this part of the development, so that the refrigeration industry has been downhill, finally let foreign see the opportunity, suddenly Zhanjian the entire refrigeration industry, and domestic technology update and development continue to sink.