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The formation of ice
Jun 27, 2018

    Generally speaking, the nature of water in 0 ℃, will form ice called natural ice, usually by artificial refrigeration method made of ice, known as artificial ice or mechanism ice. 

    The physical properties of ice 

    A, ice is a transparent crystal structure of the six square crystal system; 

    B, pure water at normal atmospheric pressure, to 0 ℃ will freeze; 

    C, if the water contains impurities, pressure increases, water icing point will be reduced; 

    D, the melting point of the ice is the freezing points of water; 

    E, as the atmospheric pressure rises, the melting point of the ice also rises; 

    F, the melt heat of the ice is 331.6~335.7kj/kg, usually take 335 kj/kg.