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Tea cold Drink Shop to open shop notice
Jul 06, 2018

    The product must have the characteristic, sells the commodity item not to be too many, the shop place is very important. North winter cold, drink shop in the north at most six months, after the winter to enter the operational test period, although the winter to eat ice, but the total income is not as summer, the winter's revenue will be reduced to only one-third, the product's advantage, is the decision store in winter and summer can operate the key. 

    If the summer to do ice, winter change for hot food, ingredients, soup a rush, as usual is delicious, delicious desserts, but also cold, diners should be a lot. On the market, the cold drinks shop, is more than the choice of style, but fresh, delicious or not, few people asked, this kind of store, just in the average market profit, can not rise, closing rate is also high. 

    Lin Yu suggested that less product items, not only can save the time and cost of preparation, but also can leave a little time to control the quality of the tube. In addition, store, lot, service, customer satisfaction also decided to open shop life, popular goods, passers-by many, tourists seem to be sufficient, if the shop is located in civil servants more county government Park, the civil service income stability, the average consumption will be higher than the general public, high price, high-quality ice products, hot food will have a market, good service 

, to give customers the "value of things" feeling, can stimulate reflux rate.