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Solution for refrigeration not work
Jun 22, 2018

    What is the reason why the freezer does not refrigerate?

    What is the solution? 

    1, check the freezer plug is loose.If the plug is loose, plug it in tightly. 

    2, consider whether there is less refrigerant or leakage problems. Refrigerant is not, although the compressor operation, but the system has no refrigerant evaporation endothermic, so the temperature does not drop in the freezer.The addition of refrigerant is very professional, but also need tools, so need to contact professional maintenance people. 

    3, compressor failure is the refrigerator refrigeration in the comparison of common problems. Listen carefully to whether the motor in vibration, general compressor operation will be issued "hum" sound, if there is no sound, that is the compressor failure. If you determine the problem is the compressor, you need to contact the freezer customer Service Commissioner, let them send professional maintenance personnel to overhaul.The compressor is the most complex and precise mechanical parts in the freezer, if you disassemble it at will, it is likely to cause more damage, the surgery industry has specialized, professional problems or to the professionals more appropriate. 

    4, in the ambient temperature is lower than the temperature controller normal start-up temperature, should check the freezer low-temperature switch is open. The temperature controller can be forced to boot only if the cryogenic switch is turned on.