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Properties and characteristics of flake ice
Jun 28, 2018

    Large contact area and rapid refrigeration 

    Because of the flat shape of the ice sheet, the surface area of the ice is larger than that of all the other shapes of the same weight. The greater the contact surface area, the better the refrigeration effect.

    For example, a ton of ice surface area of the minimum 1579 square meters, and his type of ice such as Gingbing, granular ice can only provide 395 to 1294 square meters, so the ice cooling efficiency than tube ice and granular ice 2 to 5 times times higher.

    Low cost of production

    The cost of production of ice sheets is very economical, and it only takes about 85 degrees to cool 16 degrees Celsius of water into 1 tons of ice.

    Good Food Insurance Flake ice texture dry, soft without acute angle, in the process of refrigerated packaging can be packaged food to play a protective role.

    Its flattened shape will minimize possible damage to the refrigerated substance.

    Mix thoroughly

    Because of the huge surface area of the ice, the heat exchange process is rapid, and the ice can quickly melt into water, take away heat, and add humidity to the mixture.

    Convenient storage and transportation Because the flake ice texture is dry, therefore not easy in the low-temperature storage, the spiral transportation process to have the adhesion function, more easy storage transportation.